About The Naturalist:

“I fell so hard in love with this book because it convinced me of something I need to know and forever remember which is that the human heart will always, inevitably, be revealed and that the human heart, when working well, is a WILD heart—and that giving in to one’s wild heart is not incompatible with human decency. The Naturalist will join those few other books on my shelf that remind me how to live.”

– Miriam Toews, author of All My Puny Sorrows


“Alissa York taps the wisdom and intelligence that belongs to all nature. Her writing on animals is simply unparallelled: her love and understanding as clear as her prose, which is elegant, polished, selfless, and wild. This book is the best of adventures, a genuine journey upriver into another world—embark!”

– Marina Endicott, author of Close to Hugh


About Effigy:

“The skill with which Alissa York makes this system work, avoiding all confusion, compels our admiration . . . The story-teller is like the bird of prey that narrates certain chapters: she soars above the characters, landing first on one shoulder, then another, and another, so as to see the world through their eyes.”

– Raphaëlle Rerolle, in Le Monde


“In her beautifully crafted Effigy, Alissa York gives us the transcendent child bride Dorrie, the youngest of four wed to a Mormon rancher. Dorrie’s unusual dreams underscore York’s mesmerizing tale, which is rich in historical detail and driven by a cast of deftly drawn and perfectly memorable characters. The writing gallops and lunges then stops to gaze intently, as if, like Dorrie’s peculiar fascination, it was sprung from nature itself. A wonderful book.”

– Lori Lansens, author of The Girls


“Alissa York’s Effigy is a historical fiction almost frighteningly real. Her creation of Erastus Hammer’s four wives and complex household in frontier Utah is so precise and convincing, and allows the reader so entirely and readily inside, that the only uncertainty is how to get back to the present again. This is a rewarding read — don’t miss it.”

– Fred Stenson, author of The Trade


About Fauna:

“Rich and strange and deeply satisfying. Whether she’s adopting the voice of a homeless teen, a yuppy vet, or a famished coyote, York writes with a spare, unsentimental fluency that connects strangers, enemies, species. Fauna reminds us of the life that swoops and slithers and lopes and pounces all around us, even in the most urban of worlds; a wild life we share and ignore at our peril.”

– Annabel Lyon, author of The Golden Mean


Fauna is the sort of rare novel that can change the way you see your world. Its cast of misfits and dreamers is united by their visceral connection to the forgotten animals surviving in the green patches of our big cities. This book is beautiful, unusual and memorable. And Alissa York is a daring and original talent.”

– Jim Lynch, author of Border Songs


Alissa York is the award-winning author of the novels The NaturalistFaunaEffigy and Mercy, and the short fiction collection, Any Given Power.